How leading insurers in Europe are already benefiting from AI

Across all industries, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ranked consistently by Gartner* as the technology that’s changing the game for major corporations. 
No longer is it on the horizon: AI is here, it’s being used at scale, and it’s making a difference.

In the insurance industry companies are already seeing the benefits of AI and reaping the rewards of smart deployment.

Leading insurers across Europe are already using our AI to make their auto claims process more accurate, efficient and consistent, and to provide an improved customer experience.

Don’t risk being left behind by technology

Find out how Tractable’s AI solutions can ensure you are providing the most efficient and effective claims service for your policyholders.

*Source: Accenture

“Across all industries, including insurance, AI ranked consistently as the top game-changing technology in Gartner’s CIO surveys over the last three years (2019 to 2021). Insurers are starting to see the value of AI and adoption is set to accelerate. While less than half of claims executives (44%) say their organizations are advanced in use of automation, AI and machine learning-based data analytics, 80% say these technologies can bring more value, and 65% say they plan to invest more than $10 million into AI in the next three years”