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15 Oct 2021

How Tractable’s AI Estimating improves the claims experience

The faster an insurance claim is resolved, the more satisfied the customer. AI can make it happen a lot faster.

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7 Oct 2021

The AI subrogation solution

Subrogation is a critical part of the insurance process. Every auto insurer will, inevitably, have to deliver and respond to demand packets from adverse parties. For those on the receiving end of the demand, the labor-intensive process of review is a major sticking point and expense. AI Subro solves that problem, enabling insurance companies to respond promptly with the assurance that their reviews are AI-accurate.

4 Oct 2021

Sustainability: what’s AI got to do with it?

Cars are recognized as one of the biggest challenges to achieving sustainability goals for the planet. While most technological solutions focus on reducing reliance on fossil fuels for cars on the road, cars that cease to be driven altogether are another challenge for sustainability. But the good news is that those in the car salvage business are finding ways to reclaim more usable parts of discarded cars through the use of AI.

25 Aug 2021

CEO Alex Dalyac joins Reid Hoffman to discuss building billion dollar companies

In the latest episode of The Entrepreneur First Podcast, our CEO Alex Dalyac joins LinkedIn co-founder, Greylock partner and investor in Entrepreneur First Reid Hoffman to discuss founding billion dollar companies. They share their personal experiences, including how Alex and c0-founder Razvan Ranca developed the technology behind our AI-powered accident and disaster recovery platform; the impact we bring to our customers; and how aspiring entrepreneurs can lay the foundations of a company heade

12 Aug 2021

Sompo Japan is first Japanese insurer to use AI to calculate approximate repair costs

In a first for the Japanese insurance sector, Sompo Japan - one of Japan’s leading property and casualty insurers - is to use AI to calculate approximate repair costs.

11 Aug 2021

Tractable accelerates accident and disaster recovery with Graphcore IPU

Tractable is now using IPU from Graphcore, the maker of specialist AI compute systems, to help it develop new AI models more quickly and efficiently.

6 Aug 2021

Tractable co-founder Razvan Ranca interviewed in the BBC Tech Tent

BBC technology reporter Rory Cellan-Jones interviews Tractable CTO Razvan Ranca on the company's journey so far, and how we're applying AI to help the world recover faster from accidents and disasters.

28 Jul 2021

How we built an AI unicorn in 6 years

In a piece originally published by TechCrunch, founder Alex Dalyac reveals how Tractable reached unicorn status - and what he's learned along the way.

22 Jul 2021

Tractable’s AI Subro expedites insurers’ review of demand packets

Tractable, the global leader of AI for accident and disaster recovery, just launched AI Subro, a new solution that will help US auto insurers resolve subrogation tasks with AI. Subrogation – the process by which insurers legally pursue third parties that have caused losses to their insured – has traditionally been such a time-intensive process that it is often outsourced to service providers. Tractable's AI Subro process makes it possible to automate the review of most of the claims

9 Jul 2021

SOMPO Japan and Tractable: live on World Business Satellite news

SOMPO Japan Insurance Inc., one of Japan’s largest P&C insurers, is to use Tractable’s #AI to assess damage at first notice of loss. 

5 Jul 2021

Sara Assicurazioni is first Italian insurer to use AI to create car damage estimates

Sara Assicurazioni (Sara) is to become the first insurer in Italy to use AI to accelerate assessments and estimates of vehicle damage, thanks to a new partnership with Tractable.

29 Jun 2021

LKQ North America Partners with Tractable to Accelerate Auto Parts Recycling and Distribution with Artificial Intelligence

LKQ North America, the leading provider of alternative vehicle parts, is now using Tractable’s Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to accelerate and optimize the recycling of the salvage vehicles the Company procures across their North America segment.

23 Jun 2021

The AI Minute: Tractable

Fortune takes a look at how Tractable is accelerating accident and disaster recovery, via its 'The AI Minute' video series.


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