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5 Jan 2021

AI Powering a New Touchless Frontier

The Year of Claims Transformation

It’s hard to imagine a year where an entire industry takes it plans to transform in a few years and is forced to transform in a few, chaotic months. But that is exactly what insurance carriers have been forced to do over the course of 2020.

However, as any claims professional will attest, this is only the beginning.

This past year has been the year that customers need faster, easier journeys, regardless of demographics. Where you once had older generations hesitant to use the easier tools and services, like digital, insurance carriers now have customers open to anything and everything.

The task that lies ahead for 2021 is to serve those new customer needs by leveraging technologies – AI being chief among them.

In this whitepaper, our contributors aim to analyze the impacts of AI on both the organization as a whole and the “boots on the ground”, looking at AI as it should be understood – a tool with almost limitless applications for an industry with limitless potential.

Key Contributors

-Julie Kheyfets, Head of North America, Tractable
-Ted Ohkuma, Digital Innovation Lead, East Coast, Tokio Marine Group
-James Spears, Head of Automotive, Tractable
-Lori Pon, Director of Claims Transformation and Claim Service Center, The Auto Club Group

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