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25 Aug 2021

CEO Alex Dalyac joins Reid Hoffman to discuss building billion dollar companies

In the latest episode of The Entrepreneur First Podcast, our CEO Alex Dalyac joins LinkedIn co-founder, Greylock partner and investor in Entrepreneur First Reid Hoffman to discuss founding billion dollar companies. They share their personal experiences, including how Alex and co-founder Razvan Ranca developed the technology behind our AI-powered accident and disaster recovery solution; the impact we bring to our customers; and how aspiring entrepreneurs can lay the foundations of a company headed for unicorn status.

Tractable began when our co-founders Alex and Raz met at Entrepreneur First’s third London cohort. At the time, the Entrepreneur First model, which brings together and invests in high potential people to found technology companies, was relatively new, and not everyone believed in it. Alex and Raz themselves had only just completed their Master’s degrees, and as new graduates with little business experience might not have seemed the most likely candidates to build a successful company.

In July, we became the first company founded via the Entrepreneur First platform to be valued at over $1B.

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