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18 Jun 2020

Estimating the cost of fixing the Prime Minister’s car, with AI

On June 17 2020, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was being driven through Parliament Square in London when a protestor ran into the road. The PM’s car stopped, but the vehicle behind ran into the back, leaving a hefty dent in the bodywork.

So, our first thought at Tractable was, naturally, “What would our AI make of that?” So we asked it.



We ran the pictures (credit: PA) through our AI classifier, to get a sense of the damage. From these screenshots, you can clearly see that the AI is sure of its decision; this Jag’s back end is beyond repair – it needs a brand-new boot and bumper.



But we also wanted to know what our Estimating solution would make of the claim. Tractable’s AI Estimating is capable of generating a full end-to-end quote in minutes, usually while the driver is on the initial phone call to their insurance company. So, pretending that the Prime Minister was on the line – probably complaining about the dozy driver behind who didn’t slow down in time – we ran the claim:



The takeaway? One moment of indecision will cost the British taxpayer just over £4,500, including the price for replacing the rear bumper and the bootlid, and the replacement parts will take nearly 8 hours to fit.

In addition, the rear left and right wings will need blending in with the new parts so they don’t clash, which will cost around £1000 to pay for labour and materials, and take another 8 hours to complete.



Of course, there’s the possibility that this PM-carrying Jaguar XJ contains certain James Bond-style diplomatic extras – if not machine guns emerging from the back bumper, then potentially modifications to make sure it’s attack-resistant. Our estimate doesn’t take those into account.

But overall, if our AI has done its part to help ensure the UK government is getting the best deal it can, then we’re happy with a job well done.

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