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1 Dec 2020

How LKQ implemented a scalable AI solution across millions of vehicles

“Tractable’s technology is far beyond what others have on the market. Anybody trying to break into this industry hasn’t even come close to what Tractable has been able to do. Their team is fantastic and I can actually tell these are some of the smartest people in the industry.”

-Yogi Shivdasani, VP of North America Supply Chain, LKQ


LKQ Corporation, a Fortune 300 company with over $12B in annual revenue, is North America’s largest provider of alternative collision auto parts, and a leading provider of recycled and remanufactured mechanical parts. LKQ serves insurers and repairers across the US, Canada, and around the world.

When Yogi Shivdasani, VP of North America Supply Chain, looked for a solution for AI damage assessment to automate and improve LKQ’s procurement and inventory management processes, he chose Tractable for its unparalleled accuracy. 

With Tractable’s technology, LKQ has been able to:

In terms of the accuracy of the technology, Yogi Shivdasani said: “On random photos we pulled off Google, we threw it into the interface that came back in about three seconds with very, very accurate assessments of multiple parts and multiple levels of damage that truly work. The AI instantly figured out the panels that were visible in the photos and how damaged they were. I was pretty blown away to be honest.”

And how is it working with Tractable? Shivdasani states: “They’re a great partner, they dug in to understand the specific needs of our organization, and they moved extremely fast to take us all the way from initial testing to production at scale.” 

By deploying Tractable, LKQ is further assisted in delivering the right parts, to the right place, and at the right time. Want to know how our AI can help you accelerate auto claims? Contact us for a demo.

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