AI perspectives from Tractable.

13 May 2021

Tractable’s AI to give Warta total oversight of its auto repair network

Warta – one of Poland’s largest insurers - is now using Tractable’s AI to visually check how 100% of its auto claims from its network of bodyshops across Poland are repaired.

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22 Apr 2021

Tractable partners with Covéa, France’s leading auto insurer, to deploy AI

Covéa, France’s largest insurance group, is to accelerate the processing of its policyholders’ claims across its three brands - MAAF, MMA and GMF - with Tractable's AI.

22 Apr 2021

Beyond Innovation: Interview with Tractable's Adrien Cohen

Bloomberg's Beyond Innovation programme sat down with Tractable co-founder Adrien Cohen to discover how our AI is helping the world recover faster from accidents and disasters.

22 Apr 2021

Tractable déploie sa solution d’IA en partenariat avec Covéa (MAAF, MMA et GMF), le N°1 de l’assurance automobile en France

Covéa au travers de ses marques MAAF, MMA et GMF, va accélérer le traitement des sinistres de ses sociétaires grâce à cette solution d’IA qui analyse les dommages subis par des véhicules.

19 Apr 2021

Instech London Podcast, Episode 134: Tractable

Want to know more about how our AI is being applied to aid accident and disaster recovery worldwide?

19 Apr 2021

Tractable selected to join Future Fifty

Tractable has been selected as part of Tech Nation's Future Fifty, a cluster of the leading late-stage tech companies in the UK.

14 Apr 2021

What is Computer Vision and why should insurers care about it?

After the success of projects like ImageNet, it is now possible to train a computer to interpret and understand what’s in an image, like a human would. 

13 Apr 2021

Three key takeaways on claims automation

Tractable’s Head of Automotive Jimmy Spears was live with Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) discussing how this is possible through automation of the claims process. Here are some key takeaways from the session.

12 Apr 2021

Overcoming the Cold Start Problem: how to make new tasks Tractable

Tractable is working with the R&D Team at Georgian to expand our ability to handle domain shift. Our AI is data-hungry, and collecting enough of the right quality of data to enter a new country would be very time-consuming and expensive, so it’s critical that we can make the most of our existing dataset of cars from around the world. To address the three types of domain shift we encountered, we used techniques from two different areas of research: Ensemble Learning and Domain Adaptation.

26 Mar 2021

Wired's Guide to Artificial Intelligence

How is AI going to shape every aspect of our shared futures? Find out via Wired, with help from Tractable!

25 Mar 2021

Polish insurers: accelerating change with technology

Insurers in Poland are turning to digital solutions to accelerate change in the wake of Covid-19, according to industry leaders at a recent webinar broadcast from Warsaw.

23 Mar 2021

AI and claims management: what really matters?

At the end of the day, not all AI models provide value. One of the biggest challenges insurance carriers have right now in deploying AI, is cutting through all the buzzwords and sales pitches and deciding on the right solution for them. 


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