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25 Mar 2021

Polish insurers: accelerating change with technology

Insurers in Poland are turning to digital solutions to accelerate change in the wake of Covid-19, according to industry leaders at a recent webinar broadcast from Warsaw.

Featuring representatives from major insurers including LINK4, Aviva Poland and Nationale-Nederlanden Polska, as well as technology providers such as Tractable, the webinar highlighted that the pressures created by the global Covid pandemic mean that rather than withhold investment, major companies are increasing how quickly they bring in new solutions that enable them to carry out tasks digitally and remotely.


However, that commitment is accelerating a pre-existing trend – of insurers looking to provide a better, faster and simpler experience for their policyholders that’s in line with other digital services such as banking, said the speakers during “The digital step of the insurance industry” panel at the FinTech and InsurTech Digital Congress, chaired by Cezary Swierszcz, Chief Innovation Advisor at Insly.

Agnieszka Wronska, CEO of Link4, said that her company was using data to drive that change forward and understand Link4’s customers’ needs better.

She said: “The data is very powerful, and we decided that the company needed to become data-driven. It’s noy just about thinking about the technology – it’s about thinking how we change as a company… We have grown our ambitions and looked to become more efficient, and to improve our engagement with customers, based on our understanding of the data we have.”

Aleksander Surowiak, Tractable’s Business Development lead in Poland, told participants that Tractable’s solution was being adapted quickly by insurers in the country, in part because Polish companies aren’t tied in to legacy systems and are keen to benefit from cutting-edge technology if they realise there are gains and savings to be made.

Aleks added that Polish insurers had been keen to test Tractable’s solutions live, which is key to evaluating a technology like AI. “The quality of an AI comes the data and the research it is built on, as well as how well it can be integrated. For an insurer, testing (how well the AI performs) is very, very important.”

Here’s some takeaways from the session:

  1. Covid-19 is accelerating the move towards digitalisation across the sector, especially when it comes to using data to drive change
  2. Simplifying processes by using technology, such as AI, can create substantial gains in efficiency and customer satisfaction
  3. While insurers are moving towards evaluating new technology, the paths forward aren’t clear given the uncertain outlook: therefore, testing new ways of working is key.

At Tractable, we’re always happy to work with interested parties to demonstrate our market-leading AI, which is used by many of the world’s top insurers, including Tokio Marine, PZU, Ageas and Covéa. You can read more about our work in Poland in this special edition of Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa, the leading insurance publication in Poland, or to arrange a demo, simply get in touch at

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