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18 Mar 2021

Webinar: How Claims Automation is Transforming the Appraisal Experience

Cieca Tractable Webinar Claims Automation

The average cycle time for a driveable car, from accident to getting the car back, was roughly 10 days before the Covid-19 pandemic, now it’s more like 12-15 days. And that’s for driveable cars, for those that need a tow you can add another 5 days onto the cycle.

The right use of technology can significantly reduce these time periods by automating this process. This applies to identification, repair vs replace decisions, and even identifying and subsequently ordering the necessary parts.

By reducing the number of touchpoints within any claims process, there are fewer potential errors, greater efficiency and ultimately, a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

On Thursday 25 March, Tractable’s Head of Automation Jimmy Spears will be discussing how automation of the claims process is completely transforming the entire appraisal experience. Hosted by CEICA, the session will look into the benefits of using AI and explore the various opportunities available.


Mitchell International and Tractable announced a new partnership earlier this year, combining Tractable’s technology with Mitchell’s data in order to provide accurate repair estimates within seconds. Using proprietary computer vision, the AI examines photos of vehicle damage and provides a list of part-level repair operations within seconds. When combined with Mitchell’s collision repair data, a repair estimate can be produced allowing a repairer to start to work from and upon which claims can be settled.


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