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26 Mar 2021

Wired’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

How is AI going to shape every aspect of our shared futures?

That’s the subject of a new guide to AI created by Wired, as part of a new series of publications that investigates the tech challenges facing us today – from climate change to bitcoin.

The AI guide, written by WIRED UK’s deputy editor Matt Burgess,¬†breaks down how AI affects us all now, and what will happen next: both through applications in the world of work, but also through consequences such as deep fakes and inherent bias.

It’s a great primer into the world of AI, and features elements from Tractable’s own experience and operations as an AI developer, including insights from Tractable’s VP Research, Ken Chatfield, on how to train AI models with the help of experts to make sure they work correctly and effectively.

Artificial Intelligence: how machine learning will shape the next decade is available today!

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