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We are proud of being a team of close-knit, hard-working and results-driven engineers.

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At Tractable, we are solving some of the hardest problems in deep learning, image classification and real-time damage assessment.

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I am proudest of having taken one of our products, Estimating, from the beginning to the point where it’s in the hands of everyday car owners and is impacting real lives. Two years ago there was not a single line of code, and now we have come so far!
Photo of Aushim

Aushim - Product Lead Engineer at Tractable

I was given autonomy right away, which meant I felt trusted to really dive deep into solving problems and building solutions. This doesn’t mean we expect people to operate in a vacuum though - quite the opposite: everyone is eager to collaborate and step in! We’re building a supportive and accepting team culture, because we believe empowered teammates can solve any problem put in front of them.
Photo of Emma

Emma - Software Engineer at Tractable

Engineering culture

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  5.   We define, value and appreciate success through our team achievements more than looking at what we achieve individually. Helping everyone succeed is very important to us, which is why we value pair programming, brainstorming ideas and design discussions. We are proud of our team of exceptional engineers at Tractable yet we don’t glorify heroics and there is never any personal blame. We rise together, we fall together and we grow together.
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  9.   Done means that it has an impact in the real world, to real users, with real results. Code complete is not done. Released is not done. We like to own a problem from beginning to end. We know that great software comes from and is built for humans. We would rather have a (maybe smaller) real user-impact sooner and build on that, rather than taking too much time to design and build something which checks all the boxes of “perfect” software engineering.
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  13.   The best idea wins. Not necessarily the first idea. Likely not the idea from the most senior person (CTO or whoever this might be). Definitely not the loudest idea. We seek whatever can help us find the best idea and make a better decision. That means ideas can come from anywhere. Nobody needs to be in the relevant team/group/circle to be able to suggest ideas. We work with people we trust and respect. As a result, we love to challenge ideas and see our ideas challenged, because that is exactly how ideas improve and get from good to really great.
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Tractable Engineering Team

Tractable is a place where the world class in software engineering and AI research collaborate closely. We are proud of being close-knit, hard-working and results-driven.

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Within a short period of time, I have been given a lot of autonomy. I have a lot more ownership in how I approach problems and people trust me to know what I am talking about and how I can help them with their infrastructure needs. :)
Photo of Robin

Robin - Infrastructure Engineer at Tractable

Communication is key in any team and that’s something we do well at Tractable. Whenever a problem arises, people work together to get to a plan of action. Everyone is open to discuss their ideas, be challenged and consider different points of view.
Photo of Lukasz

Lukasz - Frontend Engineer at Tractable


We carry out meaningful engineering: transforming breakthrough discoveries in deep supervised and semi-supervised learning into products that help people recover from accidents and disasters painlessly.

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Machine Learning Model Server

A distributed, highly scalable machine learning model server that analyses images in real-time, while optimising for resources required to host hundreds of heavy deep-learning models.

Workflow icon

High-performance Workflow Engine

A robust workflow engine optimised for asynchronous communications and running complex custom workflows in a microservices environment using JS native Promises and Apache Kafka.

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NLP-powered Integration

A generalised adapter based on Natural Language Processing to integrate with customer systems from across the world with different languages, terminologies and car repair methodologies.

Car icon

Real-time Estimating Engine

A scalable estimating engine that combines machine learning systems with data partners from across different countries and geographies, to provide real-time damage assessment on cars of any make, model and year.

Learning and development

Learning and Development at Tractable

We care passionately about continuous learning, growth and skill development. Here are some of the exciting opportunities available at Tractable:

  • Dedicated budget for attending tech conferences
  • Monthly Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Coursera
  • Weekly engineering knowledge share
  • Lots of pair programming
  • Tractable’s growing library of books
We are adding real value to real people, utilizing AI and automation to achieve that. Crafting all the technologies together, making it reliable and maintainable for our customers and teams is my focus. In my role as an SRE at Tractable, every day new optimisations are to be found and technical challenges to be tackled!
Photo of Stephan

Stephan - Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Tractable

What attracted me here is the domain that we are in and the problems that we are solving using AI. It was a chance for me to use my engineering skills, and apply them in a new and exciting way. I have been here for years but I continuously get a chance to learn about all the new advances in research and how we can bring them to life.
Photo of Curtis

Curtis - Principal Engineer at Tractable

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After receiving our Series B round of VC funding, we are facing explosive growth and are looking for exceptional talent to join our team. If you are passionate about AI and want to make an impact, we would love to hear from you. We are hiring across the board in our Software Engineering, Research, Business, Operations and Support teams!

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