Deep learning for deep impact

Turning deep learning breakthroughs into real-life solutions.

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From lab to life

Our research team connects the dots, from ideas through to production. We don’t just stop at proof of concept. Our commitment to real-life results means you’ll be able to see your hard work translate into meaningful change, creating value for millions of people.

You’ll take total ownership of ideas and see them all the way through to production, working to solve some of the most pressing problems in AI vision. And we’re one of the few companies actually applying deep learning to a product that’s out there working in the world.

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What we’re working on

AI at scale

Harnessing the power of AI and applying it to our interconnected world to achieve unprecedented efficiency across whole cycles of care, repair and recycling.

AI Vision

Understanding and improving AI visual decision-making, and putting it to use in creating models that can accurately assess customer images.

Deep learning

Applying deep learning to create highly-trained AI models that can unlock subtleties in visual assessment of damage, dramatically improving recovery times.

World-class work culture

Working at Tractable

  • Take ownership of projects and feel invested in success with company equity
  • Join a global business that embraces diversity of all kinds
  • Enjoy real work-life balance with a flexible working culture
  • Work with a sociable, collaborative, friendly team
  • Challenge yourself in a high-performing yet humble culture
  • See the impact of what you do and be rewarded for your hard work

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