Use Subrogation to automate third party claim settlement and reduce reliance on outsourcing

Tractable’s Subrogation application automates reviews. It identifies disputes and facilitates the appropriate response to the adverse carrier through a pre-populated contention report. All in under a minute per review.

How it works

Firstly, the adjuster uploads the demand packet, along with damage photos, onto Tractable’s platform

Next, our AI quickly analyzes all the information provided by the adverse carrier

Finally, variance from the AI’s assessment is flagged, creating a pre-populated contention report with a corresponding cost calculator

Why use an AI-powered application?

  1. Calibrate the application to your company’s standards for payout
  2. Improve consistency, speed and accuracy to settle quickly and effectively 
  3. Reduce reliance on outsourcing by automating more in-house
  4. Focus your team’s time on demand packets that require greater expertise