Applied AI to salvage auto parts and reduce waste

Our Applied AI helps people repair, assess, and protect what matters most.

AI Inspection for salvage can accurately assess car parts for reuse and repair

Our Applied AI can also put its training on millions of data points to good use by identifying car parts which can be salvaged from old or junked cars. When integrated with repair shop workflows, our AI can identify parts as cars come up at auction and match them to needed parts at the bodyshop. It’s a win-win for the repair shops, your customers, and the environment.

Clear business impact

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1 minute

to conduct an inspection


reduction in inspection cycle time

Remote inspection using any camera-enabled device, eliminating cost of in-person assessments

Give highly accurate valuations to optimize pricing for purchases and sales

Speed up repair processing by up to 10x

Improve reuse of parts and overall industry recycling

How does AI Inspection work?

AI-powered assessment

Upload videos, photos and details of the car using Tractable’s smartphone app for a thorough report of damage.

Repair reports

Our AI gives a thorough assessment of damage and reports on parts that need repair or replacing.

Parts-matching process

Match parts needed to parts available from salvaged vehicles, speeding up repairs.

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How are we transforming our customers’ business?

Hear directly from our customers

Yogi Shivdasani, VP of North America Supply Chain, LKQ
“Tractable’s AI has enhanced our expertise with identifying high quality parts on salvage vehicles and to make sure those parts can be recycled and reused.”

AI Inspection assesses cars along their entire lifecycle

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