Applied AI reviews your claims automatically, calibrated to insurers’ standards

Our Applied AI Engine helps people repair, assess, and protect what matters most

Tractable Auto Reviewer processes claims in minutes, flagging any inconsistencies

When things go wrong, the claims process should be painless and quick. But manual checking of every detail slows it down, frustrating both you and your customers. AI Review can automate most claims, and is calibrated to insurers’ standards. Trained on millions of data sets, our AI excels at flagging inconsistencies, errors or anomalies. The result – your reviews completed accurately in just a few minutes. And your customer resolutions are completed in record time.


Claims Automation

A back-end triage tool that identifies low-saving claims that do not require expert intervention

Clear business impact

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reduction in cycle times


of claims reviewed without human involvement

Eliminate inaccuracies due to human error in manual reviews

Ensure quality is maintained by flagging areas for human attention

Cut review times substantially - from half an hour to just a few minutes

Integrate seamlessly into your workflows and claims management system

How does Tractable's Auto Reviewer work?

When reviewing estimates

Upload pictures of damage and an estimate for each claim to the platform.

AI-powered assessment

Our AI compares the pictures and estimates, automatically assessing the recommended repairs to process the claim.

Claims review reports

Receive a report for each claim reviewed – with flags for anomalies or inconsistencies that require more attention.

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How are we transforming our customers’ business?

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Adam Murray, Motor Technical Engineer, Aviva
“I've even recognized the potential of using Tractable AI to ease the burden and the support it gives to technical experts. The technical experts will then be able to focus on areas of the assessment where they need to scrutinize the claims to make sure that we deliver a safe, compliant repair.”

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