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Natural Disasters: How can AI help?

In this Inside AI podcast, Jimmy Spears, Brad Cowan and Giacomo Mariotti to explore the role of AI in responding to - and preventing - natural disasters.

Natural disaters are on the rise. But how much more of a problem are they today than they used to be?

⁠We explore the that question amongst many others with industry veterans Jimmy Spears (former USAA Exec, now at Tractable), Brad Cowan (EVP for Business Development at Paul Davis) and Giacomo Mariotti (Property Lead at Tractable).

⁠Other questions we explore:

  1. How do you deal with policy holiders on the ‘front line’ after such a traumatic event?

  2. Who needs to come together - what kind of organisations - to fix the problem and help a community get back on its feet?

  3. What role does AI and or any new technology play and what problems / use cases are they applied to?

  4. How widely adopted are these technologies?

  5. We’ve talked about fixing the problem but what about preventing it altogether?

⁠About Inside AI

⁠Inside AI explores business opportunities within artificial intelligence through conversations with those who know the industry best. From computer scientists pushing the technical envelope to the business leaders building it into their products, we meet the people that matter in applied AI.

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