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Sara Assicurazioni is first Italian insurer to use AI to create car damage estimates

Sara Assicurazioni (Sara) is to become the first insurer in Italy to use AI to accelerate assessments and estimates of vehicle damage, thanks to a new partnership with Tractable.

Sara, the official insurer of the Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI), will now use AI from Tractable to assess the condition of a car after an accident, via a smartphone.

The AI assesses the extent of the damage and generates an estimate of the actions to be taken – including operations and repair, painting and finishing cost – in a few minutes, often without the need for manual intervention. Tractable’s AI has been trained using millions of auto accident photographs, and the algorithms learn from the experience gained by analyzing a wide variety of different examples.

The introduction of Tractable’s solutions in the Italian insurance market follows their use by over 20 of the world’s leading insurers, across 13 countries, including Spain, the US and UK.

Alberto Tosti, General Manager of Sara Assicurazioni, said: “This AI is a cutting-edge service that makes Sara Assicurazioni a pioneer in Italy of a new way of handling car claims, thanks to technology that helps optimise our procedures, for the benefit of our policyholders.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Tractable. This innovation is part of the digital transformation path that we have strongly undertaken since 2017, always paying particular attention to the continuous improvement of the agent and customer experience.”

Adrien Cohen, Co-Founder and President of Tractable, said: “Our mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives, through the power of AI. This partnership with Sara Insurance means our technology will now be live in Italy, making an immediate difference for Italian drivers and ensuring that Sara customers can recover as quickly as possible from accidents, with the help of Tractable.”