Auto accidents happen – that will never change. But what comes next can change.

AI Estimating uses photos to assess damage at first notice of loss (FNOL). Then it applies artificial intelligence to swiftly and accurately calculate repair costs. The result is faster response times, better customer experience, and a quicker resolution of claims thanks to instant and precise information.

Everyone in the insurance cycle benefits: claims teams, repair specialists and other third parties, and of course policyholders.

How it works

  1. Step 1

    The policyholder takes photos of the damage and uploads them to AI Estimate (typically via a smartphone app). This can be done immediately after an accident, so no time is lost and the assessment begins at once.

  2. Step 2

    The photos are reviewed in real time and AI Estimating predicts the cost of repair, calibrated to insurers’ standards. This is highly accurate because AI Estimating draws on millions of real images of car accidents and can intelligently interpret what it sees, just like a human assessor would.

  3. Step 3

    An estimate is created in minutes, as opposed to days or even weeks with traditional methods, and the insurer can inform the policyholder directly. The claims journey is accelerated at every step, from FNOL through to the end of the process.

3mins to complete an appraisal based on FNOL photos

10x faster insurance cycle times

Key benefits

Simplify and streamline claims

All it takes is a few photos. The technology does the rest, quickly and precisely, providing estimates in as little as three minutes – the typical length of a phone call from policyholders for FNOL.

Enhance triage

Fully assess the extent of damage at FNOL, and make the right decisions about every action and procedure. While it is not difficult to decide between total loss or repairs, judgment is needed for different types of repair, labor hours and other factors that impact insurance.

Improve customer experience

Accidents are always stressful. Policyholders want fast, accurate decisions following an accident, and they increasingly expect digital solutions. AI Estimating and Triage resolves claims quickly and strengthens customer relationships.

Works with any vehicle, anywhere

AI Estimating and Triage covers every vehicle make and model, in any country.

Seamless integration

Cloud-based and API-friendly, AI Estimating integrates easily with workflows, reinforcing the efficiency of everyone in the insurance cycle.

Cut cycle times and costs

From FNOL through to settlement, the insurance cycle involves many steps and parties. AI Estimating and Triage increases straight-through processing, making cycle times up to 10 times quicker and reducing associated costs.

Proven technology

AI Estimating and Triage is used by many of the world’s leading insurers. Working with Tractable, you are backed by an established name with a proven technology.

Seamless Claims

See Tokio Marine, the #1 auto insurer in Japan, discuss our solution and its deployment in this webinar:



Major UK insurer Ageas is using AI Estimating technology from Tractable at FNOL to accelerate repair times by as much as a week.

Ageas cuts repair times by a week as its unveils Tractable-powered policyholder app

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