The condition and value of a vehicle is usually determined by a human appraiser. That takes time and can increase costs.

AI Inspection provides a swift, cost-efficient and hassle-free alternative. Fleet owners, dealers, rental firms and other auto businesses all benefit.

Tractable’s visual AI enables you to spot damage, assess overall condition, and accurately value any vehicle. Ideal for purchasing, selling, renting or leasing.

How it works

  1. Step 1

    Video and photos of the vehicle are provided via Tractable’s app, together with relevant details about the vehicle.

  2. Step 2

    AI Inspection analyzes the video and creates a condition report. If there is any damage, Tractable’s AI will identify the extent and severity.

  3. Step 3

    The report findings could be used for triage (ahead of repairs or auction), creating bills for damage, vehicle valuation, and even insurance checks/disclosure.

1min to conduct an external inspection

7% improvement in accuracy when AI is used with human experts

Key benefits

Cost and convenience

No need to transport vehicles to an assessment site or wait for an appraiser to come to you. Because inspections are conducted remotely, you save time and money.

Speedy assessment

Videos are processed and analyzed quickly so you have the information you need in just hours instead of days or weeks.

Fraud prevention

AI Inspection combines video capture with comprehensive AI fraud checks to ensure that information has not been falsified.

Better customer experience

Artificial intelligence takes customer service to new levels. With AI Inspection, everyone’s life is made easier thanks to greater speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Right price, right time

AI Inspection provides accurate valuations for timely sales. Dealers can buy the most profitable cars for the right price at the right time, while rental firms can sell their cars at the right time for the best price.

Seamless Claims

See Tokio Marine, the #1 auto insurer in Japan, discuss our solution and its deployment in this webinar:



LKQ, North America’s largest provider of alternative collision auto parts, chose Tractable for its AI's unparalleled accuracy when looking for a solution that automated damage assessment and improved their inventory management processes.

How LKQ implemented a scalable AI solution across millions of vehicles

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