Every year, accidents and natural disasters cause a wide range of damage to property. No matter how severe the damage is, it’s always stressful for policyholders and often challenging for insurers to assess quickly and accurately.

This is where Tractable’s technology can make a big difference. With AI property, insurers can immediately assess the extent of damage from photos or videos sent via a smartphone app.

No time is lost waiting for an appraiser to visit the property. Policyholders have the reassurance of being served straight away, insurers can bring speed and precision to every claim, and urgent cases can be prioritized for swift settlement and repairs.

How it works

  1. Step 1

    The policyholder records the damage with photos and/or video content and uploads the images via Tractable’s mobile app. Guidance is provided so that the right images for assessment are sent.

  2. Step 2

    The images are reviewed in real time using Tractable’s proprietary computer vision technology. An intelligent assessment is made, using an algorithm that can determine the scale and extent of the damage. It is highly accurate because it duplicates the skills and knowledge of a human appraiser.

  3. Step 3

    From the initial assessment, Tractable creates an estimate in just minutes and sends it to the policyholder. The claims journey is then completed by actioning the approved settlement and repairs.

3mins to complete an appraisal based on FNOL photos

10x faster insurance cycle times

Key benefits

Simple to use

Policyholders need only send images of damage to start the claims process. Tractable then generates instant estimates based on the images.

Speed and efficiency

Without AI Property, policyholders and insurers would be dependent on on-site visits, which can sometimes take weeks to set up. Tractable ensures that estimates are received in just minutes, with claims settled in one or two weeks instead of months.

Accurate estimates

AI Property provides highly accurate estimates at speed. Tractable’s algorithm ensures precision and consistency, complementing and enhancing the skill of claims professionals. Each estimate will draw on all the relevant data points to accurately resolve a claim.

Better customer experience

Customer loyalty is strengthened because of the swift and hassle-free loss notification process, followed by immediate estimates and a smooth journey to resolve every claim. With AI Property, your customers can rebuild their lives immediately and avoid the stress of a protracted claims journey.

Prioritize each claim

It’s vital to know the urgency of every property claim. AI Property enables insurers to fully assess the extent of damage at first notice of loss, and make appropriate decisions without delay.

Joined-up service

AI Property benefits everyone in the insurance chain. From policyholders through to claims professionals and repairers, Tractable shortens cycle time and improves accuracy and communication.

Seamless Claims

See Tokio Marine, the #1 auto insurer in Japan, discuss our solution and its deployment in this webinar:



Major UK insurer Ageas is using AI Estimating technology from Tractable at FNOL to accelerate repair times by as much as a week.

Ageas cuts repair times by a week as its unveils Tractable-powered policyholder app

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