Many insurers don’t have the time and resources to check every claim. But with AI Review, you have transparency, clarity, and above all scale. You can assess every estimate and audit the entire claims process, end to end, without missing a single claim.

It takes just minutes to review all your estimates and spot any inefficiencies or errors. You process only relevant and accurate repair estimates, making things faster and more efficient.

How it works

  1. Step 1

    An appraiser or repairer uploads an estimate and pictures for each claim to the insurer’s claims management system. For a large insurer with hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of claims per year, and each one traditionally taking approximately 30 minutes to review, it’s impossible to manually review them all.

  2. Step 2

    AI Review is able to process each and every claim, by automatically comparing the pictures and the estimate and accurately evaluating the recommended repairs. This allows insurers to have full oversight of their entire catalogue of claims, and at much faster speed.

  3. Step 3

    The claims team receives an assessment for each claim reviewed. The majority of claims are processed without any human involvement whatsoever, but complex cases or those with potential inaccuracies are flagged for follow-up by human experts.

8day reduction in cycle times

70% of claims can be reviewed without human involvement

Key benefits

Gain a global view

Automatically review and check every estimate, rather than manually check a small selection, and receive instant validation of recommended repairs.

Reduce processing time

Review estimates in a few minutes, rather than 30+ minutes per estimate that’s usual for manual processing.

Improve consistency

AI avoids inaccuracies due to human error when reviewing estimates. Whereas people are prone to fatigue and may make subjective assessments, AI never gets tired and maintains the same high standards for every assessment.

Smooth integration

AI Review fits seamlessly into workflow/claims management systems.

Strengthen claims teams

AI Review complements and enhances the skill of claims professionals. Not only does it help them review claims speedily, efficiently and accurately, it frees up time to focus on more complex tasks.

Seamless Claims

See Tokio Marine, the #1 auto insurer in Japan, discuss our solution and its deployment in this webinar:

Tokio Marine

Tokio Marine

The #1 auto insurer in Japan uses Tractable’s AI to process auto damage across its operations, including to speed up negotiations between repairer and insurer.

Tokio Marine uses Tractable’s Artificial Intelligence solution for auto claims in Japan

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