Disasters are a major disruption

Whether it’s a hurricane, a storm or simply burst piping, property damage is a painful moment in people’s lives.

Recovery is too slow

Livelihoods are restored by settling claims. Today, this can be slow, opaque and inaccurate.

Our AI accelerates it

We envision a world where AI ingests damage data, analyses it, enables efficient repairs, and accelerates settlement.

On any visual data

Our AI can feed from satellite, drone and smartphone imagery.

To produce instant appraisals

As soon as data is captured, for speedy response.

Integrated with repairers

To enable rapid & accurate repairs.

We can work with data providers

Satellite agencies, drone operators, mounted camera aircraft operators: see what our AI can learn to do for you.

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We can work with public institutions

Disaster relief Government agencies, NGOs: see what our AI can learn to do for your mission.

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