Radiology with deeper insight

Our AI makes radiology faster and more accurate. It also understands miniscule details, helping expert radiologists to diagnose illness like never before.

An AI that understands the full scan

Our AI increases the speed and accuracy of diagnosis, and more. It understands the full scan, recognizing symptoms that could change the course of treatment – and save lives.

Prioritize scans. Make better decisions.

Our AI flags high-risk scans, and sends them to the top of the pile. And with a level of detail that radiologists dream of, your doctors will make better decisions for their patients.

Easy integration.
Rock-solid security.

Our AI is cloud-based and API-friendly – so it integrates fully with your workflow. And the security? Enterprise-class.

How it works

  1. Our AI analyzes the X-ray

  2. It prioritizes high-risk symptoms, producing a detailed assessment on our AI Analytics Platform

  3. The images and assessment are sent to the relevant radiologist, to decide on treatment

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