An expert view of every asset

Pipes. Cables. Joints. Our AI analyzes images of your assets to predict what needs maintenance, and when.

Use the data you have,
for the insight you need

Your field operators take thousands of photos for routine audits. Plug our AI into your workflow, and use those images for an expert view of asset condition.

Lower costs. Less disruption.
Fewer accidents.

When assets break unexpectedly, you have to scramble to fix them. It's costly, disruptive, and dangerous. But what if you had advance warning? With our AI, you do.

Easy integration.
Rock-solid security.

Our AI is cloud-based and API-friendly – so it integrates fully with your workflow. And the security? Enterprise-class.

How it works

  1. Your field agent uploads pictures of the asset from a mobile device or desktop

  2. AI Preventative Maintenance analyzes the image, including GPS location, depth, size, components, and asset condition

  3. Results are sent to our AI Analytics Platform, stored in a secure database, and visualized in Google Maps

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