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Tractable Founder statement on refugee crisis

A statement from Tractable founder and CEO Alex Dalyac on the refugee crisis caused by the Ukraine conflict.

Tractable is going to carve out 20 jobs for refugees from the conflict in Ukraine, to provide long-term financial support to 20 refugee families, and donate >$30k to charitable orgs. Consider sharing this message to encourage more companies to do the same or better. 

The last few days have been pretty tough on morale for many of us, given what’s happening in Ukraine. Friday was hardest for me after an advisor explained how he thought this conflict could motivate other conflicts to start elsewhere in the world, and that this is how World Wars 1 & 2 started. It was hard to think about anything else, felt incorrect to enjoy life, let alone work passionately.

One way to deal with the situation was to think how Tractable could play at least a little role to help. We’re starting to have a plan.

1. Some of the strongest impact we can have for a refugee is to get them a job – ie stable recurring income – with which they can feed their family. We’ve been hiring for 40 Ops roles in Iași, Romania, which is quite close to Ukraine. Could we carve out 15 jobs for refugees, which would lead to sustainable support of 15 refugee families?

2. We have operations in Poland, which is receiving the most refugees. We don’t have many open roles there for now, but what if there are talented software engineers among the refugees that could start off employed by our Warsaw office, and then potentially have a chance to relocate with their family to London afterwards? Could this lead to sustainable support of another 5 refugee families?

3. We’ve heard from our team that a good number of us want to do something useful. There are charitable organizations out there open to donations. The Tractable corporate entity will commit $30k, and on top of that match every dollar donated by a Tractable team member.

4. Could we 10x this impact by communicating on it in order to hopefully encourage 10 other companies to follow? That’s what this message is about. 

We welcome all input and suggestions. Please let us know at”