Insurers often face logistical problems when assessing property damage following an accident or a natural disaster. It’s not always easy to make on-site assessments in person, and there can be lengthy delays before an accurate visual appraisal can be completed.

With AI assessments, there is no delay. A video/photo record of the damage can be sent immediately via Tractable’s app. Then Tractable’s AI analyzes the damage and provides an accurate estimate. Cycle times are reduced and urgent cases prioritized, and because claims are resolved more quickly and accurately, insurers and their customers both benefit.

AI Property

Generate instant, accurate estimates for property damage based on customer photos. Reduce cycle times and prioritize urgent damage.

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Key benefits

Accurate remote inspections

Perform fast and accurate inspections with Tractable’s AI. No need for in-person site visits to damaged properties, as everything can be assessed following instant image capture.

Simple to use

All you need are photos. The AI technology does the rest, ensuring efficient end-to-end assessments for accurate claims processing.

Human-level accuracy

Tractable’s AI draws on millions of relevant images to assess damage and determine the extent of property damage.

Better customer experience

Faster processing and greater accuracy improve customer experience. From first notice of loss via Tractable’s app through to settlement, customers enjoy a smoother and shorter claims journey.

Versatile and adaptable

Tractable’s AI can be calibrated to individual parameters and requirements, so it’s always relevant for an insurer’s specific property needs.

Seamless Claims

See Tokio Marine, the #1 auto insurer in Japan, discuss our solution and its deployment in this webinar:



Major UK insurer Ageas is using AI Estimating technology from Tractable at FNOL to accelerate repair times by as much as a week.

Ageas cuts repair times by a week as its unveils Tractable-powered policyholder app

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