Deep learning with
real world impact

Breakthrough discoveries to real products

We do meaningful applied research: transforming breakthrough discoveries in deep supervised and semi-supervised learning into products that help people recover from accidents and disasters painlessly.

Automating complex legacy processes

To get there we are automating complex processes which, today, experts with decades of experience take hours to complete.

Understanding real world damage

Our research focuses on creating representations that capture the subtlety of real damaged automobiles and properties.

Building robust training methods to deal with data that is noisy, heterogeneous and of varying dimensionality.

Refining domain adaptation techniques to handle differences in geographies and repair standards.

Combining visual output with fine-grained metadata to utilise key non-visual information.

Conditioning learning on structured expert knowledge to create models which are accountable and interpretable.

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We are building AI-first products which will transform traditional industries by streamlining outdated processes and delivering unprecedented customer value.

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