Let AI vision guide your valuations

Inspect, value, and appraise cars more accurately – even when they’re miles away.

How do you assess a car when it’s on the road or one town over?

For used car dealers who buy cars sight unseen, and for fleet managers assessing cars in use, it’s a common dilemma. Tractable’s Applied AI helps you value, inspect and appraise cars even when they’re miles away. Dealers can use AI vision to assess a car’s condition and be confident in making the right purchase price. Fleet managers can access AI-powered video capture and journey tracking to make sure their fleet is traveling safely.

Apply the benefits of AI to your business

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1 minute

to conduct an inspection

14-day reduction

in inspection cycle time

Reliably assess a vehicle’s condition and value with improved accuracy

Track conditions throughout a car’s journey to identify any damages and assign liability accordingly

Get automatic status updates and alerts to needed repairs

Yogi Shivdasani, VP of North America Supply Chain, LKQ
“Tractable is far more advanced than anything else out there. They’re a great partner and dug in to understand the specific needs of our organization, and moved fast to take us all the way from initial testing to production at scale. Tractable is obsessed with positive results and realizing any ROI."

Our AI-powered solution for the automotive lifecycle

  • Tractable Auto Inspector

    Draw on millions of data points to accurately assess a car’s condition throughout its life cycle

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