From lab to life

Introducing AI theory and learning to real-world problems

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From lab to life

We’re one of the only companies in the world actually applying deep learning to real-life products, right now, for global business clients.

Our product team members have plenty of autonomy to choose the scope and direction of their work, using a wide range of frameworks and creative thinking and working side by side with engineers, researchers, and customers to solve user problems.

We value experimentation and short iterative cycles, with support and potential for developing greenfield products from scratch.

You can be the next of our team to launch the next big AI product and benefit from its real-world success.

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What we’re working on

Applied AI

Working side by side with our engineers, AI researchers, business development and customer success team to develop game-changing AI products.

Workflow efficiency

Transforming complex, disparate tasks into intuitive and connected workflows for people in the auto and property industry, improving efficiency across the board.

Customer experience

Working to understand customer needs, iterate on creative and thoughtful solutions, and integrate feedback.

Real world impact

Our product teams collaborate closely with engineering, research and our customers to take ideas and make them happen – from proof of concept, to a first customer, to global expansion, all within a matter of months. It’s fast paced but satisfying for everyone involved.

World-class work culture

Working at Tractable

  • Take ownership of projects and feel invested in success with company equity
  • Join a global business that embraces diversity of all kinds
  • Enjoy real work-life balance with a flexible working culture
  • Work with a sociable, collaborative, friendly team
  • Challenge yourself in a high-performing yet humble culture
  • See the impact of what you do and be rewarded for your hard work

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