Let AI-powered vision guide your remote property assessments after damage or incident.

Our Applied AI Engine helps people repair, assess, and protect what matters most.

Tractable Property Estimator can accurately assess property damage in minutes.

Our Applied AI enables customers to send photos of damage via a web-based app, helping you assess and prioritize them. Get damage reports instantly without sacrificing accuracy and improve levels of service at a critical time. For vulnerable areas like roofs, our intelligent AI can draw on satellite data to compare and model damage. Calibrated to insurers’ standards, the algorithm works seamlessly with your operations, ensuring greater accuracy at every stage. Letting you prioritize urgent cases, and get on with what matters – helping people get back to their homes and lives.


Speedy Payment

Use customer photos to generate instant estimates at FNOL and speed up the resolution process

Clear business impact

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24 to 3 hours

cycle time

Empower the policyholder to conduct inspection, so the claims process can begin immediately after damage

Eliminate the cost and delay of in-person assessments

Help inform decisions and prioritize the most urgent claims, expediting settlements

Cut claim settlement times to within a week or two, rather than months

How does Tractable's Property Estimator work?

At the scene

Our smartphone app guides policyholders through taking and uploading photos and videos of property damage.

AI-powered assessment

Our AI reviews the images and gives an assessment based on training on millions of detail-rich data sets.

Quick claims estimate

Our app sends an estimate in minutes to the policyholder, with suggested settlement for review.

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