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Postgrad CS from Imperial College, Philips Prize in Computer Science. Former hedge fund quant and Rocket Internet business developer.

CEOAlex Dalyac

Postgrad CS from Cambridge, numerous prizes while undergrad at Edinburgh. Wrote poker bots and algorithms for reconstructing shredded documents.

CTORazvan Ranca

From HEC Paris, started in M&A at Goldman Sachs, then went into ecommerce: co-founded Lazada Group, built it into a $bn business. Led 9 figure deals with Xiaomi, Lenovo and Motorola.

PresidentAdrien Cohen


VP of ResearchDr. Ken Chatfield

Head of Claim Review PlatformLaurent DeCamp

Head of Estimating, ProductsMarcel Horstmann

Research LeadBjorn Mattsson

Senior Applied ResearcherMike Swarbrick Jones

Senior Applied ResearcherDr. Julia Peyre

Applied ResearcherFilippos Siozopoulos

Applied ResearcherDr. Stephen Hardwick

Applied ResearcherToby Staines

Research LeadDr. Franziska Kirschner

Senior Deep Learning ResearcherYih Kai Teh

Deep Learning ResearcherJanto Oellrich

Senior Data ScientistShaun Trill

Junior Data ScientistFreddie Varnals

Engineering & Product

Vice President of Software EngineeringRoi Amir

Global Head of Customer SolutionsDr. Sven Albrecht

Head of PlatformEric Lai

Product DesignerBetsy Chou

Head of Estimating EngineeringAushim Krishan

Senior Product DesignerFenke Fros

Senior Product ManagerSarah Bishop

Principal EngineerCurtis Maddalozzo

Senior Site Reliability EngineerStephan Schielke

Senior Site Reliability EngineerBartosz Bacewicz

Infrastructure LeadMatin Nayob

Infrastructure EngineerRobin Yonge

Senior Integration EngineerGiuseppe D'Elia

Full Stack Software EngineerFrank Kair

Fullstack EngineerViktor Leandersson

Lead EngineerGeorge Nishimura

Senior Software EngineerEmma Matsubara

Senior Software EngineerMahesh Baheti

Senior Software EngineerAtish Bhattacharya

Software EngineerAndrea Catalucci

Software EngineerMario Vela

Junior Software EngineerGeorgie Steele

Senior Front End EngineerDeniel Dzadik

Front End DeveloperLukasz Skrzeszewski

Senior Security EngineerChris Seary


Head of Automotive, USJames Spears

Assistant Head of AutomotiveOdom Wu

Head of Automotive, IberiaJoana Sobrino Uriarte

VP of Sales, International ExpansionAhmed Hameed

Head of Business Development, FranceNicolas Kaploun

Head of Business Development, GermanyCornelius Vogel

Business Development DirectorJulie Kheyfets

Business Development ManagerMurtaza Ali

Senior Business Development ManagerPaolo Fedele

Business Development ManagerAleksander Surowiak

Head of APACTsubasa Hotta

Head of Engagement Management, Claim Review - EMEACrystal van Oosterom

Head of Engagement Management, APACAkira Yamamura

Engagement Management Director, EMEAJan Moehlmann

Senior Engagement Manager, USRyan Grodzki

Engagement ManagerAshil Shah

Engagement ManagerOmar Khan

Engagement ManagerVinicius Pereira Pio

Engagement ManagerAbbas Bukhari

Engagement ManagerNouha Lahlou-Dewan

Engagement ManagerJob Wongsophanakul

Engagement ManagerShigeru Oyama

Sales Executive - International ExpansionCaetano Lacerda

Head of PR & Communications, GlobalNorval Scott

Senior Marketing Manager, North AmericaGuillermo Murga

Principal Solution Consultant, EMEAMinko Dudev

People Operations & Support

Executive Assistant to the President and the CEODiana Smerea

Head of People OperationsGiovanni Lotti

Senior People Operations AssociateAthina Karydia

Senior Technical RecruiterHiral Patel

Senior RecruiterLeedna Harazinski

Recruitment CoordinatorLloyd Jones

General CounselAntony Pfeffer

Office and Events CoordinatorErika Tomnang Kangmo

Head of FinanceMarcel Kuin

Senior Finance AssociateDhruv Shah

Finance AssociateLeila Omarshah-Birtill

Research Operations, Customer Support & Labelling

VP of Customer OperationsMark Hornsey

Head of Operations, EMEAYoana Mateeva

Head of Operations, APACEigo Takeda

Operations LeadJosefina Ameriso

Operations ManagerWill Bonner

Operations ManagerMiyako Jinda

Head of Motor EngineeringMax Ali

Senior Motor EngineerDanny Nolan

Motor EngineerLee Harding

Motor EngineerPaul Marsh

Motor EngineerYutaro Hosofuchi

Motor EngineerAlejandro Chicoma

Mapping Team LeadPatrycja Wilkosz

Estimating Team LeadKristjan Parve

Lead Specialist, UKPaula Croitoru

Lead Specialist, JapanSeishu Miki

Lead Specialist, PolandPatrycja Wolanin

Lead Specialist, CanadaLuis Sierra

Lead Specialist, ResearchMarta Nordeste

Senior Operations SpecialistViet Anh Vu

Senior Operations SpecialistMadalina Mariana Cocuz

Senior Operations SpecialistFrancesca Melle

Senior Operations SpecialistChloe Knecht

Senior Operations SpecialistAlina Josan-Ghimp

Senior Operations SpecialistElodie Nidaud

Senior Operations SpecialistJustyna Olszak

Senior Operations SpecialistEwelina Jasiukajc

Senior Operations SpecialistClemence Seguy

Senior Operations SpecialistRahma Abdi Mohamed

Senior Operations SpecialistMargarita Bravo Teixeira

Senior Operations SpecialistMartyna Suchonska

Senior Operations SpecialistNikita Prozorov

Senior Operations SpecialistLi Qian

Senior Operations SpecialistMizuho Niizeki

Senior Operations SpecialistHaruna Koike

Senior Operations Specialist & Office ManagerXiao Chen

Operations SpecialistLynda Nechat

Operations SpecialistCameron Kirby


John is Managing Partner at Ignition, having joined after a career at Microsoft where he held the position of Chief Financial Officer. John was named to the 2013 Forbes Midas List, a ranking of the world’s top venture capital investors. John sits on numerous Boards, including Nike and Splunk.

Member of the Board of DirectorsJohn Connors

Principal on the Georgian Partners Investment team. Emily makes investments in high-growth business software companies, previously worked at McKinsey & Co., and holds an MBA in Finance from The Johnson School at Cornell University.

Lead InvestorEmily Walsh

Cofounder and CEO of Risk Management Solutions. CEO, President and Secretary at Archipelago Analytics. Recognised as a “Leader of the Future” by Global Reinsurance.

Member of the Board of DirectorsHemant Shah

Managing Director at Insight Partners. Previously CEO of global software company Syncsort, Board Director at Vision Solutions, and Senior VP of Corporate Strategy at CA Technologies.

Member of the Board of DirectorsLonne Jaffe

Chief Scientist, former CTO and member of founding team at MetaSwitch Networks, funded by Sequoia. CS graduate from Cambridge, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Enterprise Technology AdvisorChris Mairs

Leads the Cambridge Machine Learning Group. 24 years of ML research at UPenn, MIT (PhD under Michael Jordan), UToronto (with Geoffrey Hinton), UCL, CMU, Cambridge. Part of the Google Brain team leadership.

Scientific AdvisorProf Zoubin Ghahramani

Former CEO of Crawford & Co UK / Ireland, a branch of the world's largest independent claims management company. Former MD at Asprea, Operations Director at Aviva.

Insurance AdvisorGreg Gladwell


Zetta Venture Partners logo

Zetta Venture Partners

Early-stage VC fund focusing on data analytics. Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO Google, is an LP.

Acequia Capital logo

Acequia Capital

Early-stage investment vehicle of Hank Vigil and Fritz Lanman, former C-level executives at Microsoft. Seed investments include Pinterest, Square and Wish.

415 Investments logo

415 Investments

Early-stage investment vehicle of Owen Van Natta, former COO Facebook, CEO Myspace, CEO Zynga. Seed investments include Reveal, Talio and ClassPass.

Ignition Partners logo

Ignition Partners

An early-stage business software VC firm with unparalleled connections in Silicon Valley and Seattle.

Insight Partners logo

Insight Partners

A leading global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software companies that are driving transformative change.

Georgian logo


Georgian is a fintech company that invests in high growth technology companies that harness the power of data in a trustworthy way.

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