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Postgrad CS from Imperial College, Philips Prize in Computer Science. Former hedge fund quant and Rocket Internet business developer.

CEOAlex Dalyac

Postgrad CS from Cambridge, numerous prizes while undergrad at Edinburgh. Wrote poker bots and algorithms for reconstructing shredded documents.

CTORazvan Ranca

From HEC Paris, started in M&A at Goldman Sachs, then went into ecommerce: co-founded Lazada Group, built it into a $bn business. Led 9 figure deals with Xiaomi, Lenovo and Motorola.

CCOAdrien Cohen


Recovering CI, development and devops consultant; having worked with startups and global corporations to automate all the things.

Cloud Infrastructure Lead EngineerFelix Hawkins

MEng in Information Engineering from Cambridge, research project: Machine Learning in Financial Times Series. Former Goldman Sachs Software Engineer.

FS Software EngineerEric Lai

BSc in Computer Science from the University of Victoria. Full-stack web developer with 8+ years of experience.

Full Stack Software EngineerCurtis Maddalozzo

BSc Computer Science from RuG, The Netherlands. Experienced full stack developer previously working at multiple Dutch digital agencies.

Senior Software EngineerJoel de Nes

MSci in Mathematics from Imperial College London. Research project involving conical optimisation in SageMath.

Full Stack Software EngineerTomasz Nguyen

Senior Software Developer from Germany. Previously worked for 10 years on B2B solutions for the energy market. Open data hacker and Linux enthusiast.

Site Reliability EngineerStephan Schielke

BSc in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Software engineer with 15+ years of experience, specializing in RESTful APIs and scalable backend systems. Previously a software consultant and drone startup co-founder.

Senior Deployed EngineerBrian Conway

BSE from the University of Waterloo. 10+ years of software development experience, has worked in startups across the UK, China, and Canada.

Product leadDouglas Hindson

Front-end developer with 10+ years of experience at making UIs usable and nice for various companies, from startups to creative agencies and e-commerce platforms. Incidentally French.

Front end developerGuillaume Richard

B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India. Ex-founder and CTO of a VC-funded food-tech startup. 4+ years of experience in backend development and software engineering.

Full Stack EngineerAushim Krishan

Engineer in Electronics, minor in Computation, from UNEXPO, Venezuela. 15+ years of experience as software developer and Linux Sysadmin.

Software EngineerJose Di Nunzio

Masters in Industrial Systems from Cambridge, with thesis on Big Data applications in retail supply chain. Former IoT startup CTO, software freelancer and e-commerce executive

Deployed Engineer at TractableEfe Surekli


PhD from the Oxford Visual Geometry Group, supervised by Andrew Zisserman. Widely cited research, including Best Scientific Paper BMVC 2014.

Research ScientistDr. Ken Chatfield

Machine Learning MSc (Distinction) from UCL, classes taught by Google DeepMind and Gatsby Institute. Deep Reinforcement and Active learning research supervised by Peter Dayan of Gatsby Institute.

Research ScientistThomas Varsavsky

Artificial Intelligence MSc (Distinction) from the University of Edinburgh. Research project on Real-time image-based localisation in large-scale outdoor environments.

Deep Learning EngineerLaurent DeCamp

Machine Learning MSc (Distinction) from Imperial College London. Previous experience as a Data Scientist applying Machine Learning (NLP and Computer Vision) for Social Media analytics.

Deep Learning EngineerGuilherme Cristovao Pombo

Physics MSc. Research on quantum optics, veteran deep learning hacker, applied deep learning to both solar power prediction and energy efficiency.

Research ScientistMarcel Horstmann

Artificial Intelligence (MSc) from University of Leuven, Belgium. Awarded with full scholarship for postgraduate studies and ranked 1st in undergraduate studies. Previously worked as Data Scientist applying ML for improving the candidate sourcing process.

Research ScientistKallirroi Dogani

MSc and PhD in Signal Processing from the University of Bristol. Awarded the Toshiba Prize for being topper in the MSc and recipient of the Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Fellowship. BEng in Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Stanford. Has 5+ years experience in the industry working as a software engineer and data scientist.

Research ScientistAjay Thampi

Tech giants (MS, Google) alumnus, PhD in Software Engineering from ETH Zurich. Previously was involved in a wide range of topics, ranging from HPC in investment banking to Deep Learning on video ads

Deep learning engineerAlexey Kolesnichenko

Business & Operations

Early Uber employee in Europe who started his career in banking working for Santander. Led the mobile business unit and multiple business initiatives at Uber UK.

Head of OpsCarles Reina

Former strategy consultant and private equity investor with an MBA from London Business School and Masters in Engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Senior Business Development Manager (EU)Jan Moehlmann

In addition to graduating from Universal Technical Institute with a 3.95 GPA, Justin has over 7 years experience in the collision repair and refinish technology industry. Justin has worked in Senior level positions for multi-shop organizations as well as for leading US insurers.

Motor Engineer (US)Justin Abner

ALM from Harvard and BSc from Carnegie Mellon in Information Systems. Consultant turned operator with early stage startup experience building and leading teams across expansion, growth, operations, and regulatory affairs.

Business and Product Development Senior (US)Xing Xin

Graduated from King's College London having studied English Law and French Law (Paris I - La Sorbonne). 3 years EA experience within the automotive industry and 18 months event experience within the financial sector, focusing on employee engagement.

PA & Office ManagerLaura Johnston

Over 25 years experience within the vehicle accident repair & motor insurance industry, and licensed IMI ATA VDA. Managed prestigious accident repair centres, along with working for a major insurance group as an Insurance Motor Engineer and engineering project executive. Gained a first class understanding and involvement of insurance project management within the UK and internationally.

Motor EngineerMax Ali

Award winning author and illustrator of The Princess and the Fog. MA in Sequential Design and Illustration. Practising illustrator of ten years with a particular interest in technology and people.

Executive Assistant to CEOLloyd Jones

MSc from the LSE, started off as a consultant at Bain & Company, then moved into executive search within the tech industry. Built leadership teams for the most successful start-ups in Europe and the US.

Head of People OperationsGiovanni Lotti

12 years experience within the vehicle accident repair & motor insurance industry. Motor Engineer for a global insurance company. Former George Bates Award winner for the highest score achieved in the IAEA (Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors) oral examinations. Fully licensed IAEA vehicle damage assessor and IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) registered.

Motor Engineer, AIAshley Wright


Chief Scientist, former CTO and member of founding team at MetaSwitch Networks, funded by Sequoia. CS graduate from Cambridge, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Enterprise Technology AdvisorChris Mairs

Leads the Cambridge Machine Learning Group. 24 years of ML research at UPenn, MIT (PhD under Michael Jordan), UToronto (with Geoffrey Hinton), UCL, CMU, Cambridge.

Scientific AdvisorProf Zoubin Ghahramani

Former CEO of Crawford & Co UK / Ireland, a branch of the world's largest independent claims management company. Former MD at Asprea, Operations Director at Aviva.

Insurance AdvisorGreg Gladwell


Zetta Venture Partners

Zetta Venture Partners: early stage VC fund focused on data analytics. Managing partner Mark Gorenberg sits on President Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO Google, is a LP.

Acequia Capital

Acequia Capital early stage investment vehicle of Hank Vigil and Fritz Lanman, former C-level executives at Microsoft. Seed investments include Pinterest, Square and Wish.

415 Investments

415 Investments early stage investment vehicle of Owen Van Natta, former COO Facebook, CEO Myspace, CEO Zynga. Seed investments include Reveal, Talio and ClassPass.

Ignition Partners

Ignition Partners is an early stage, business software venture capital firm with unparalleled connections in Silicon Valley and Seattle.

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