Privacy Policy


This policy describes what data we collect about you when you use our web site and how this data is stored and used.

This policy may be updated from time to time so you should check back here if you haven't reviewed it for a while.

What data is collected

We collect certain information or data about you when you use the website.

This includes:

This helps us to:


Our website puts small files (known as ‘cookies’) onto your computer to collect information about how you browse the site.

Cookies are used to:

You'll normally see a message on the site before we store a cookie on your computer.

You can find out more about how to manage cookies here:

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor visitors to this site. This uses cookies to track your usage, but will not store, save or collect personal information. You can read Google's privacy policy relating to how Google uses this data by following this link:

Google Analytics stores information about:

We don't allow Google to use or share our analytics data.

Google Analytics sets the following cookies:

Where your data is stored

Data collected by Google Analytics is stored in a network of data centres around the world as described under “Where does Google store my data” on this page:

All data apart from Google Analytics is stored on our secure servers.

It may also be stored outside of Europe, where it could be viewed by our staff or suppliers.

By browsing the website you agree to us using your data in this way.

Keeping your data secure

Transmitting information over the internet is generally not completely secure, and we can't guarantee that your browsing activity won't be intercepted and/or monitored by other parties before it reaches our servers.

Any data you transmit is at your own risk.

We have procedures and security features in place to try and keep your data secure once we receive it.

We won't share your information with any other organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes, and we don’t pass on your details to other websites.

Disclosing your information

We may pass on your personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so. This includes exchanging information with law enforcement bodies for legal reasons.

Links between websites

The site may, from time to time, contain links to other websites.

This privacy policy only applies to this website, and doesn't cover other websites that we link to. You should take care to check the address bar in your browser to check if you have followed a link onto a different site. If you go to another website from this one, read the privacy policy on that website to find out what that site does with your information.

Following a link to this site from another

If you come to this website from another website, we may receive personal information about you from the other website. You should read the privacy policy of the website you came from to find out more about this.


This policy is based on the UK government website privacy policy which is kindly made available under the Open Government Licence v3.0