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Covéa and Tractable renew their partnership to accelerate the processing of policyholder claims

  • Covéa has renewed its collaboration with Tractable for three years to accelerate the processing of claims for its MAAF, MMA and GMF automobile policyholders. The Tractable Auto Reviewer solution analyzes vehicle damage and then proposes repair recommendations to the repairers
  • Tractable's technology will be used on more than 150,000 claims in France by 2025 through the Covéa network of partner repairers

Covéa, the leading car insurer in France with 10.7 million vehicles insured by its French brands MAAF, MMA and GMF, announces the use of Tractable's artificial intelligence technology to accelerate claims processing nationwide in France. Covéa has been working with Tractable since 2016 to simplify claims management and has been using the Tractable Auto Reviewer solution since 2020. Through the renewal of this partnership, Covéa enables the use of this technology throughout its N1 repairer network comprising more than 2,000 approved repair shops.

⁠Tractable Auto Reviewer automates the analysis of damage estimates and checks the accuracy of estimates using photos of the vehicle provided by the repairers. The technology flags any potential inconsistencies with the insurer's quality standards and allows repairers to make the most appropriate decisions for necessary repairs. By integrating this solution into its auto claims management, Covéa can quickly and accurately perform remote assessment of work estimates, reducing the risk of errors that can unnecessarily lengthen the claims process. This also frees up resources, allowing experts to focus on the most complex tasks. With AI, the acceleration of the claims process allows ultimately allows policyholders to recover their vehicles much faster.

The renewed partnership around the ExcellIA project aims to process more than 150,000 claims with this technology by 2025. The success of this partnership is also the result of the excellent collaboration between the main players in the repair network ecosystem: the experts, the publishers of costing tools and the DARVA service platform.

⁠"The solution developed is natively integrated into the IT environment of our approved repairers, thanks to its implementation within the DARVA process. Nearly a dozen IT solution publishers for partner repairers have been certified by the Covéa and DARVA teams," explains David Thévenot, head of the Covéa auto service provider coordination unit. "Repairers now have a free choice of computer configurations for processing EXCELLIA files and are no longer dependent on a single tool," adds Laurent PETIT, head of the business project and manager of the Assistance Expertise entity at Covéa.

⁠Tractable Auto Reviewer allows insurers to review eligible claims with photos, saving significant costs by capturing inconsistencies, while saving adjusters time on the most complex cases. This technology can reduce the time to validate a claim from days to minutes, benefiting everyone involved in the process, from the end customer, to the insurer, to the repairer.

Bruno Lacoste Badie, Director of Claims Expertise and Solutions at Covéa said, "We are excited to continue our collaboration with Tractable and continue to apply the Auto Reviewer solution to our networks to accelerate claims assessment and make claims processing more efficient. With AI, we benefit from increased accuracy, timeliness and consistency, which not only saves time and resources, but also allows repairers to make the most appropriate decisions to get members back on the road safely and as quickly as possible."

⁠"By renewing its partnership with Tractable, Covéa confirms the success of the collaboration that has united us for more than 7 years to accelerate the repair of vehicles in the French market. We are delighted with the confidence that Covéa, the industry leader, continues to place in us by deploying our solution throughout its repair network. We also want to expand our collaboration by exploring new ways to positively impact the member experience and accelerate the claims process together," concludes Romain Marcel, General Manager EMEA at Tractable.

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